About Avinity

At the heart of what we do is ‘engaging people to create better business and a brighter world for all’. We know that if it’s better for your people, it’s better for your business, but for a sustainable future it also needs to create a brighter world for all. Ensuring global integrity is therefore a key principle by which we do business, which means we will only ever work with ethical partners: from client to supply – we never compromise.

Our core values of humility & inspiration are reflected in everything we do. From our historical routes as partners in fulfilment: source, supply and incentive scheme providers through to our newly inspired ‘121hours’ next generation HR Engagement platform our ambition is always to put our client’s brand in the minds of their customers or employees in order to create honest ‘engaged’ relationships. We do this through:

  • Consulting with you to design innovative engagement solutions that align with and drive your desired business outcomes.
  • Building, reviewing and maintaining your bespoke platforms in house.
  • Innovative communications strategies that drive traction, in order to ensure continued commitment to, and engagement with, your scheme.
  • Provision of a wide range of products, including high tech and exclusive products via our warehouse, supply and delivery capability.

Where are we

We are based in Buckinghamshire and our operation spans the world. We combine our global heart with the care and attention one would expect of a local provider.

What makes us different

One size doesn’t fit all, so it is important that we work directly with you to create an inspired vision for your scheme that you can easily sell to your customers or employees, safe in the knowledge that it will ‘engage those that matter most’ and deliver the outcomes you need for your business. Our innovative approach combines the science of best practice and current knowledge with the art of ‘seeing’ what will work for your business, which comes from our extensive psychological understanding of people and our expertise in products – sourcing and supply.

So, whether you are looking to incentivise, create loyalty, engage employees or for straight up product supply services, we have the facilities, skills and expertise to ensure the full scope of your programme is catered for and your business outcomes are achieved. That’s our promise.