Avinity, the UK’s leading all-in-one engagement and incentive solutions company, acquires Intelligent Card Solutions to further strengthen its reward cards offer.

Avinity, which provides complete end-to-end engagement, loyalty and incentive solutions in-house, has announced that it has acquired Intelligent Card Solutions (ICS), which brings 10 years of experience developing exclusive reward and prepaid card solutions as well as a wide range of established retail partnerships.

The acquisition will enable Avinity, which has an unrivalled rewards portfolio including giftcards, prepaid cards and eCodes, to further boost its offer to clients, particularly through the extra-value card-based programmes ICS has pioneered which provide exceptional levels of cashback.

‘ICS is a fantastic fit with Avinity. It not only gives us even more inventive and effective ways to help clients thrive and grow by positively influencing how their customers, employees, members and trade partners feel and behave,’ says Avinity Founder, Rupert Poulson.

‘It also has a similar focus on making clients’ lives easier and will enable us to introduce additional expertise into the mix when we’re putting the right specialists and services behind each project to maximise impact and minimise the resources clients need to invest.

‘Our acquisition of ICS is just one of a number of investments we are making to ensure we stay at the forefront of the engagement and incentive industry and reflects our continual search for commercial, societal and technological opportunities with the potential to help our clients increase the value of their most important relationships.’