Just a week after further revelations that couriers are blatantly stealing rather than delivering high tech parcels to their destination, prize management companies must be wondering, what is the damage to their reputation when their client’s customer doesn’t get what they are expecting and are left wanting… and waiting?

Prize Management: Getting the service right

If you are in the business of prize management it is probably safe to assume that you are also in the business of brand enhancement and even the provision of magic moments to your client’s customers. Therefore, we can also assume that you are diligent, have a desire to do great business and that it is important for you to get it right… Of course, we also know that getting it right doesn’t always mean using the big courier firms either… big is not equal to better! Not only do you want to ensure that your prizes match the expectations of your audience… but also that they really do add that wow factor at the point of delivery. That means, importantly, that the right prizes reach their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Whilst, of course, it is not possible to mitigate every potential failing that could happen in the fulfilment and distribution world, accidents do happen. However, having the appropriate expertise and giving due care and diligence, we know, goes a long way to ensuring our goods are handled in a way that minimises damage and theft and maximises the ‘wow experience’. Prize management is, after all, as much about the service as it is about the prize itself. In fact, it is often the service that makes the prize even more valuable, or extinguishes any intended value, depending how it is received!

Prize Management Fulfilment Experts

Avinity has built its reputation and success on solid foundations as fulfilment and distribution providers, which means our clients benefit from the great relationships we hold with our suppliers, the couriers we use (including our own) and partners we work with. We might sit in the middle, and even under the radar, so as to enhance your reputation rather than our own, but we are also integral to the success of any prize management scheme, providing the necessary skills and expertise to get it right for you. Delivering prize management for you, Avinity is well placed to ensure the journey runs smoothly from inception to delivery. With our own warehouse, the power to source, quite literally, any goods from anywhere, and at great rates too, with personalised packing, delivery and even a sparkle we will enhance your client’s reputation and ensure that their customers are never left wanting… or waiting!