According to reports the most depressing day of the year was this Monday, the third Monday in January, also known as Blue Monday. This follows the 2nd Friday in January, which is when most people ‘fall off the wagon’ of their New Year’s Resolutions!

Whether these reports are scientifically valid or not, the January blues are a well reported phenomenon, at least in the UK, so if they are getting you down, we’ve come up with three ways to put an early Spring in your step to make work a little bit more enjoyable through the dark days and nights of Winter.

Understand what makes you happy: 

The most important thing to do at work and arguably in life is to find out what makes you happy. Once you know more about what truly makes you happy it can provide you with a positive perspective on yourself and your career. Furthermore, there is a strong correlation between happiness and increasing competence, so doing tasks that you are good at or that appropriately challenge you will lead to feeling a sense of personal achievement – are not only increasing your experience of happiness but also increasing your capability; creating a win, win situation.


Give your energy to what you can control:

When reflecting on what makes you happy you will come across things you can and cannot control. Giving too much time to the things that you cannot control will invariably lead to frustration and decreasing happiness. Giving your attention and effort to the things you can control provides a sense of contribution and value, keeping you focused and energised, and it is more fun! The general rule of happiness is that all change happens within rather than outside of yourself. You cannot control what happens outside of you, but you can certainly learn to control how you respond to what happens.


Tap into your intrinsic motivation:

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the routine of doing the same thing over and over forgetting what is really important to you. You can easily get lost in your frustrations with the small and insignificant things as you get dragged into the detail of life. However, putting all things into context and connecting with those aspects that are really important to you, such as life, health, family, love, or future aspirations, provides a strong sense of purpose and drive.