Our goal is to make the world a better place, by enhancing people’s lives and improving workplace culture. Avinity Alive  is a web-based platform that aligns company visions with personal values to drive employee engagement.

Avinity Alive  offers a fresh approach to employee engagement; improving workplace culture by connecting organisations with the people that matter most. It’s a fun and collaborative way to drive change from the bottom up! Co-created and co-owned by employees, Avinity Alive  adopts the giving and receiving principles of human nature.

What is Avinity Alive ?

Avinity Alive  is a Time Bank; a web-based platform that encourages sharing that most precious commodity – “Time”. Recognition is driven by 5 key measures of employee engagement, all focused on achieving positive behaviour change. The time based commitment that encourages collaboration and reinforces a sustainable company culture.

Avinity Alive  is designed to bring out the best in everyone; challenges are set to enhance lifestyle, wellbeing and innovation. Whether it is cycling to work, volunteering, or suggesting new efficient processes can achieve the reward of time. These type of actions build stronger working relationships and, over a period, improve the workplace.

Avinity Alive  is unique in driving engagement between peers, management and the community; through 1-2-1 interaction. The foundation of any organisation is the effort undertaken by employees; it’s their attitude and the aptitude that drives performance. By having the right personal lifestyle and workplace culture, an engaged employee can influence success.

If you would like to learn more please visit – www.AvinityAlive .com