We will soon be launching our not-for-profit organisation, known as Crowdonate, set up to help charities provide life-enhancing support to people in need. Crowdonate is a UK focused crowd-funding site which isn’t about raising money for an entrepreneurial business, nor is it to support a great charitable project; we are about raising money to directly help vulnerable people.

Crowdonate: Let’s Donate Together

We have partnered with some of the UK’s leading charities who provide thousands of grants and support to vulnerable men, women and children in the UK; often when there is no other source of help available. These grants are there to overcome an immediate crisis or to ensure the best possible opportunity for a successful education. CROWDonate is a new concept and we really hope it is successful – we see it as a Venture Together.

CROWDonate is about getting crowds to buy household essentials or food vouchers to help ease the pressure that people face and increase their quality of life. The more money that is donated, the more people we can help. .

Donating often encourages research into the issues related to the organisation, causing an increase in awareness of social injustices around the world.

Our goal is for a society that helps people, together. It shouldn’t just be down to the government, a charity or even local fundraisers; it should be down to each and everyone of us. Please donate as you can make a difference to someone, today.


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