AV corporation is to re-brand into Avinity, signifying a new beginning into positive brand experiences, creative products and service solutions.

We started this journey as AV Promotions back in 2005 to supply Audio Visual products for Corporate Gifting. We built great relationships with both our clients and vendors. Business was good, our relationships evolved and we kept being asked what else we could do.

The AV Corporation Story and the need to Re-Brand

So for the clients, we extended the range of products to include technology, household and aspirational merchandise, creating a portfolio of over 200 brands with access to tens of thousands of products. As time went by, we added vouchers, gift cards and now e-codes into the offering.

Requests were also coming from the suppliers who were loving our work in the reward marketplace and asking whether we could explore other markets and opportunities? We then entered the B2B (business to business) market and started to deploy products and solutions to corporates, insurance companies and charities.

With the need to remove ourselves from simply “promotions” we changed our name to AV Corporation but have never liked it. It has done the job as everyone knew us as AV… and the ending didn’t really matter.

As a business we have always preferred to keep ourselves under the radar and have never advertised, undertaken any form of PR or even promoted ourselves. Our business has grown through traditional sales and by ‘word of mouth’ – we have been almost invisible.

Previously, the whole ethos of the business has been about supply, however, more recently we found ourselves changing as a business. We have developed a more consultative approach to sales through nurturing our existing relationships further. However, this only really impacts those clients who have been on the journey with us.

This brand is AVINITY.

The definition of Affinity is “A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship”, and we have chosen to keep the association of AV at the forefront of the brand, to maintain our history and proven pedigree. This really sums our business up, as we are nice people to do business with. The problem is – no-one knows who we are outside of the immediate industry or our existing clients and vendors. In essence we are an agency that achieves positive brand experiences through creative product and service solutions.

Avinity’s collaborative ‘can-do’ attitude is core to absolutely everything we do. We strive to bring the best out in our employees, to deliver a strong and unified cohort working ethos. Greatness doesn’t just happen by itself, greatness can only come from a like-minded team all pushing in the same direction to achieve common goals for our clients, their customers, their employees and their stakeholders.

Trying to encapsulate what we do; is extremely difficult and complicated but in short we supply products and solutions on behalf of brands. We are a distributor of products, we are an engagement house, we are a fulfillment business, we are a B2B technology provider, we are a reward and recognition company, we are a concierge service and we are a brand experience agency. It’s not unique to us, but putting it all together with our extensive integrated skills and collaborative capabilities in procurement, supply chain management and logistics, technology capabilities and our consultancy style approach; this makes Avinity unique.



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